–One moment–

There is a light,
High up in the sky,
Where the paint is blue,
And the birds like to fly.

There is a fresh smell,
Underneatch my toes,
Where the earth is rich,
Where everything grows.

There are mountains,
That rise up from below,
Majestically standing,
Casting its shadow.

There are stars,
That come out at night,
Sparkle and shine,
Laugh with delight.

There is a moon,
That talks to the oceans,
Silvery streamers,
Celestial motions.

There are thousands of things,
In the world around us,
Things that enchant,
things that astound us.

Moments of breath taking vsions,
Grandiouse expressions,
Natural beauty,
Whispered confessions.

These things are dull,
When compared to this,
The one thing I see,
One thing more than bliss.

It’s the one thing I love,
Above all these,
Grander than the sunrise,
Greater than the seas,

It’s that moment,
Of eternal bliss,
In that moment,
True loves kiss.