–Pixel Crack–

Screen images staring at me
Things IM’s will say
Inhaling pixel crack every day
Hidng within anonominity
Playing words in self revelation

I sit here every day
Hoping I can find a life
Outside my walls
someplace I’m not walking down
Virtual halls

Can’t differentiate between
Internet life and the real one
Finding everything I want
Delivered to my front door
Can’t even remember what the sun was for

Got my hand down my pants talking to the girl
On the other end of the connection
Finding out it’s a sick guy
With his own erection
Just hit reset and move on

Flying through my browser pages
Of temporary love and sex
My credit card paying for my link
To a reality of faded virtuality
2am and I’m just getting started.

I sit here every day
Hoping I can find a life
Outside my walls
Someplace I’m not walking down
Virtual Halls

–Chaos of Love–

Chaotic birds with leather,
Pickel flutes with strings,
Rewound chocolate springs,
These are a few of my things.

The head isn’t working,
The brain inside sparks lowly,
As thoughts churn slowly,

Sunlight streams across bandwidth,
Echos swallow my screams,
Ice closes the wound vagrantly.
Darkness eats my waffles.

Stickly feets empty the ground,
Darkly trodden paths move sideways,
Open chests weep sullenly
Bloody words eat my thoughts.

No path is straight,
all are gay and rainbow,
triangles circle the sqaure,
Squak, squick, squibble.

Birds with leather pickel flute strings,
rewind chocolate springs.
Bandwidth streams with echos of lowly sparks.
Triangles are rainbow flavored circles.

Orders are taken sweetly,
as chaos rings meatily.
swallowing the hummingbird.
Follow the wizard of yellow bricks.

Spork is the fork the knife,
Gave away to the spoon.
Pie is the cake,
that ate the apples.

When love strikes the blast,
Nothing sane can last.
Sense is not worth a clock,
reason is only a crock.

Letting a paper flurry grow,
Gardens rise stiffly,
Hearts expand iffly,
Underneathe the moonlight tomorrow.

Lovely facial cucumbers,
Temporarily eat the wrinkles,
Soiling the age.
Decieving nobody special.

The heart of all love,
Sings in fantasy,
Thrives in ignorance,
Creates chaos.

Order restored through action,
action gives way.
Pickels again?