–Trust Not The Air–

I will not speak
For air is not kind,
It betrays our thoughts,
Fools the mind.

An unknown form,
voices are engaged,
Vapors of a thought
Words enraged.

But could it be,
The lies we tell,
Or a truth that hurts,
Ones known well.

Printing symbols,
We all know so well,
A story of words,
Thoughts I tell.

Ink as black,
As a souls demise,
Blues of forever,
Endless skies.

Sunswept peaks in mornings glow,
Endless nights in Vegas show.
Silken caresses on feather skin,
Darkest thoughts of deepest sin.

These words I’ll wield,
From passionate desire,
Written in love,
Written in ire.

Trust not the wind,
To carry these dealings,
To tell the story,
Of deepest feelings.

My thoughts inscribed,
Will not lie,
Will not render a truth,